Become the best climber you can be!
Stop wasting your time with inefficient training.
Find out what is truly holding you back.

Finally unleash your full potential.

"Nic Duerr's Train Hard But Smart is like having a set of coaches in your pocket."
- Sean McColl
The Book

  • Take control of your training and success.
  • Identify what is holding you back.
  • Find the most efficient exercises to eliminate your weaknesses and develop your strengths.
  • Optimize your recovery
  • Learn to design a perfect training plan.
  • Discover all the information you need to get stronger, stay injury free and climb harder.
  • Backed by science, tested extensively by real climbers.
  • Gorgeous Hardcover - the best book on training for climbing out there.

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"Using this as a backbone to your training will put you ahead of so many others."
- Sean McColl
  • 192 pages
  • 38 exercises
    • Fingerstrength: the foundation of hard rock climbing
    • Upper Body Strength: master athletic and dynamic moves
    • Core and Body Tension: control your body
    • Endurance: conquer the pump
  • 100+ infographics, graphics and illustrations
  • high quality hardcover
  • Foreword by Sean McColl
  • Made in Germany
It's no big secret

You have to work hard to get strong, there is no way around that.
There is however a big difference in how effective your training is. Whether the hours you spend in the gym get you closer to achieving your goals - or if you are wasting your time.
A well designed training program will not only ensure your steady progress, it will also prevent you from running into one injury after another.

Get the best information science has to offer - in an applicable format.

Learn what the most efficient way to train really is, how to get stronger faster and how to avoid getting injured along the way.

Start training more efficiently right now!

Train Hard - Climb Harder


What separates the greatest athletes from the average guy and girl is knowledge and attention to detail.

They know how important it is to train at the right intensity.
They know how to optimize recovery.
They know how to design a training plan.

This knowledge is now available to you, too!

I have distilled complex sport science and theory into an easily understandable and most of all applicable format. You don't have to study sport science or research thousands of scientific studies - I have done exactly that for you.

This puts cutting edge sport science right at your fingertips.

But this book is more than just science and theory. It is an easy to understand and simple to apply guide for your quest to excellence.

Because at the end of the day, all that truly matters is results. Is this making me stronger. Is this making YOU stronger.

What you will have to bring to the table is to put these concepts into action.

If you follow the advice given in this book, you will become stronger than you ever thought possible.

Be Your Best!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I don't speak perfect English, will I understand the book?
    Don't worry, you'll be fine. The entire point of this book was to make it easily understandable for everyone. The language isn't difficult and there are lots of graphics and illustrations to visualize the important concepts.
    And if you really do have a problem understanding one of the finer points, just send me an email and I'll make sure to help you understand every last detail!

  • Is this book for me?
    Are you interested in getting really strong?
    Then this book was written exactly for you!

  • Will this really make me stronger?
    Not just by reading it.
    But if you actually follow the advice given in this book, you absolutely will get stronger.
    A lot stronger.

  • What training equipment do I need?
    Nothing fancy.
    You need access to a fingerboard, campus board and / or some holds on a wall.
    Also for the advanced exercises you will need some kind of additional weights.
    Aside from that there is one exercise that requires a Kettlebell (which doubles perfectly as additional weight) and one that requires a gymnastic band.

  • Will I learn some really cool moves and new exercises?
    This book is about the best way to train, not the coolest, not the sexiest, not the hippest or newest.
    You will learn the exercises I consider to be the most effective in making you stronger while keeping you injury free.
    If all you are interested in is novelty and fads, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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    We ship from Germany.
    German orders usually take 2-3 working days.
    Unless your local customs office interferes international orders usually take 6-10 working days.

  • How much does shipping cost?
    No funny business here.
    Shipping to Germany costs 3 Euros, international shipping worldwide 7 Euros.

  • Why did you write this book?
    Check out the first chapter of the book (also available in the free sample above) for the complete story.
    The short answer though is, that I didn't set out to write a book, I just wanted to become a lot stronger myself. And only after I realized how much of a difference it made to train at precisely the right intensities, repetitions and rest times, I figured that this could truly help all the other ambitious climbers out there.
    That this knowledge might be of true value to you.
    And that's when I started to write it all down...

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