The Key to Success
published 11/15/2017 - Training for Climbing and Bouldering

We often believe that all of the most successful climbers (or successful people in general) are successful due to their innate talent. An ability they were born with, a gift that was bestowed upon them - but not us.
Yet very few of these people when asked consider themselves to be exceptionally gifted.
But if it is not some magical power that makes them perform at such an extraordinary level, then what is it? Can we mere mortals actually learn it, emulate it and have our own performance rise above what has been possible before as well? Can we apply it to our training for climbing and bouldering to unlock new levels of achievements?

As it turns out we can!

Over the past 100 years there have been many attempts to study and quantify the attributes of success. While we might not be at a point where we can give a definite recipe of success for every possible situation and circumstances, we have found several characteristics all successful people share - whether it be in sports, business or any other endeavor. And one of these aspects we continuously find is consistency.
No excuses, no issues, no rationalizations.

You skipped that fingerboard session you had planned because you had a long day at work?
Guess what, that "successful" guy over there did it anyway.

You didn't go for that run because it was too cold and rainy today?
Look out the window. Yep, there he is, getting wet but getting it done.

If you want to get the results successful people get, you will have to put in the work they put in as well.
You have to start to be consistent even if it is tough. Don't skip that training session because it is inconvenient. Don't skip that rest day either just because you feel like climbing! Don't give up that training plan so quickly because you are not seeing the results you want in the timespan you think you should.
Don't just quit and say it wasn't worth it or it wasn't working.
You do have what it takes to become great! But exercise and training is a skill. And any skill has to be practiced.

So the first step is to get consistent.

But as you probably know, practice alone doesn't make perfect.
You need to practice good to get good.
So the second thing you need is knowledge.
What is good practice? How does it look like?
Educate yourself, read books, get a coach, seek out advice from experts. If you practice poorly you will only emphasize and promote poor movement and in the long-term suffer injury.
But if you practice well, you will get good!

Even by just observing a few basic principles of good training, you can immediately supercharge your training, make it more effective, as efficient as possible and stay injury free.
You will get stronger, you will get better and you will be successful as well!


To find out more about what good training looks like, check out The Book and stay tuned for the next article "Top 10 Training Mistakes - Part I".

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